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Guild can be upgraded by spenging GP (Guild Points) that you aquire by completing quests. Guild can be upgraded into 4 different routes and each of them provide 4 benefits. The more Ranks guild has in certain route, the more GP it need to gain next Rank in the same route.

Rank GP cost Gold cost
0 to 1 1 400
1 to 2 2 1600
2 to 3 3 3600
3 to 4 4 6400
4 to 5 5 10000

Fighter Guild Rank

- Increases attack damage for each rank

- Shop item quality increased for each rank

- Dropped item quality and enhancement points increased

- Item bag and Guild warehouse max items number increased (Item bag: 60+5*rank, Guild warehous: 120+30*rank)

Rogue Guild Rank

- Increases item drop rate

- Trap, Hole, Damage floor damage reduced

- Chance of preemptive attack increased

- Chance of fleeing successfuly increased

Priest Guild Rank

- Received damage reduced

- HP, MP recovery during exploration increased (each 5 turns party members regenerate some HP and MP, at Rank 1: 4 HP/2 MP, Rank 2: 5 HP/2 MP, ...)

- Increases the rarity of dropped items' Enchants

- During Dark Time period extra chance to get Dragon stones???

Magician Guild Rank

- Unlock Demon stone recipes for each rank

- Increases number of Slots on dropped items

- Increases chance of Enchants on dropped items

- Show more information about enemy weekpoints in battle