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Laboratory becomes available when party arrives to the town. It provides several ways to strengthen party equipment with more ways unlocked later.

Demon stone synergy (魔石錬成) - create new Demon stones. New recipes become available with each Magician Guild Rank.

Materials (所有素材) - shows all collected materials - Ore and Demon stones.

Demon stone set (魔石セット) - insert Demon stones into equipment that has free slots. Demon stones provide different benefits depending on equipment type that they were inserted into. There are three types of equipment: Attack (攻撃), Defense (防御), Support (支援). For example, Fang Demon Stone provides +5% Slash (斬) damage in Attack type equipment, -5% Slash (斬) received damage in Defense type equipment or +40% Sleep resistance in Support type equipment. Bonus is cumulative.

Equipment enhancement (武具強化) - equipment that has unused Enhancement points (強化) can be upgraded to next level, for example, Longsword+1 can be upgraded to Longsword+2. Each upgrade requires Ore corresponding to item rank (from Copper (銅) for rank 1 to Machine God Iron (機神鎧鉄) for rank 10 items) and some gold (from 1000 to 10000). Also each upgrade spends 1 Enhancement point on an item. Amount of Enhancement points on an item that drops from enemies depends on Fighter Guild Rank.

Name Name (English) Cost Item rank
Copper 1000 1
青銅 Bronze 1250 2
Iron 1500 3
Silver 2000 4
Gold 2500 5
ミスリル Mithril 3000 6
オリハルコン Orichalcum 4000 7
隕鉄 Siderite 6000 8
龍鉄 Dragon Iron 8000 9
機神鎧鉄 Machine God Iron 10000 10

Slot enhancement (スロット強化) - extra slots can be added to equipment that has unused Enhancement points (強化). Two points are consumed in the process.

Customize Gear (ギアカスタム) - can change Gears into their other variants that provide one extra skill to the party member (this skill is displayed in the lowest row in battle actions menu).