Welcome to the Ninetail WikiEdit

Welcome to the Ninetail wiki. This is a wiki about games produced by Ninetail company (also includes games by Dualtail and Tritail, subdivisions of Ninetail). Feel free to explore or to add information about these games. All games are rated 18+.


Ninetail (Main company)Edit

  • Kikaijikake no Eve ~Dea Ex Machina~ (機械仕掛けのイヴ ~Dea Ex Machina~) (2008)
  • Amatsu Kaze ~Kugutsu Jinpū-chō~ (天ツ風~傀儡陣風帖~) (2008)
  • Enbou no Felshis ~Horizon of the Earth and Sky~ (遠望のフェルシス Horizon of the earth and sky) (2010)
  • Gears of Dragoon ~Meikyū no Uroboros~ (GEARS of DRAGOON~迷宮のウロボロス~) (2013/1/25)
  • Gears of Dragoon 2 ~Reimei no Fragment~ (GEARS of DRAGOON 2 ~黎明のフラグメンツ~) (2016/01/29)

Dualtail (Subdivision)Edit

Venus Blood series:

Other games:

  • Shokushulien -Ingoku no Daichi- (SYOKUSYULIEN-淫獄の大地-) (2007)
  • Dorei Shoukou Claris ~Hakudaku no Glory~ (奴隷将校クラリス〜白濁のグローリエ〜) (2008)
  • Mahou Shoujo Lovelion (魔法少女ラヴィリオン) (2009)
  • Haiiro no Sora ni Ochita Tsubasa (灰色の空に堕ちた翼) (2009)

Tritail (Subdivision)Edit

  • Majo Puri ~Anata no Seieki, Zenbu Shiboritotte Agechau!~ (まじょ☆プリ~アナタの精液、ぜんぶ搾り取ってあげちゃう!~) (2010)
  • Rensai Kisou Camellia Note ~Yume ni Shinobazu, Kirisake Otome!~ (恋祭☆綺想カメリアノート ~夢に忍ばず、斬り咲け乙女!~) (2011)

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