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Latest versionEdit

The latest version of this game is 1.08.

Gold vs magicEdit

Both has it's pros and cons and it really depends on your playstyle. If you look at stuff that requires gold; healing units, building rooms, building floors, raising construction level, fortify the stronghold and repairing stronghold. You might want to have massive gold income, but those stuff requires lots of money and most of them scales when you go further in the game.

On the magic side only producing eggs and magic uses magic. For producing eggs alone is a good reason to have some income (some late game monsters can cost around 35000). But overal the cost is lower than gold. The disadvantage of magic is time and force. To cast magic you need to have force and that means you need to fight to build up force and it consumes lots of phases of each turn. Like a level 9 spell consumes 9 fases, that means it almost consumes you your whole turn.

Some things can be done with using gold or using magic. Like repairing stronghold, building new floor and fortify the stronghold. Using magic is in overal cheaper than just using gold, but it consumes more phases and force.

In the end it all comes down to one playstyle and the current situation of the game. If you need to do things fast, use gold. If you have the time and can afford to use the force go for the magic to save the gold for later.

Money cost formula for building new floorEdit

From construction menu: total gold cost = base price + 10000 x built floor
With gargoyle magic: total gold cost = base price - 15000 + 5000 x built floor

How to get KikyouEdit

To get Kikyou to join you, you need to have 3000 gold income by the end of 3rd chapter. After finishing main part of the chapter Kikyou event will appear where she will challenge you to a battle. If you accept the challenge and win the battle, she will join you. If you won't have enough income or reject the challenge, you won't be able to have her join till next game. Note: you need to have 3000 gold income, and not just 3000 total gold, be careful.