Venus Blood -CHIMERA-
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Taranis (タラニス)Edit

Great demon that terrorised neighboring countries for a long time. Finally was beaten by Reel with the help of some type of magic sword.


Minerva's boyfriend and defeater of demon Taranis. Though lost his life in final battle.

Crow (クロウ)Edit

Demon Taranis reborn in Rook's body. In the first moments of awakening decided to call himself Crow. He has to prepare a payment of 40000 Sutra.

Mideiru (ミディール)Edit

Priestess, Reel's bride, one of the sacrifices to Taranis. Have a seal that protects her virginity, only Reel knows how to remove it. Carries magical pendant 至高の霊玉『フェル・ストーン』.

Brigitte (ブリジット)Edit

Spear fighter of beastman race, hate all men due to something that happend to her in the past, one of the sacrifices to Taranis. Carries magical spear 常勝の神槍『ブリューナク』.

Minerva (ミネルヴァ)Edit

Rook's girlfriend. Sword fighter. Want to find what happened to Reel, one of the sacrifices to Taranis. Carries magical sword 炎の聖剣『クラウ・ソラス』.

Dana (ダーナ)Edit

Demoness assigned by demons to overseer Crow.

Anya (アーニャ)Edit

Clumsy demoness who serve Crow, is very strong, although does not look and behave like it.

Commisioned Officer (執務官)Edit

Higher ranked mysterious demon sent to overseer both Dana and Crow.

Reel (リール)Edit

Mideiru's husband, commands the corps that were supposed to guard princesses until the sacrifice.