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Good endings:Edit

Endings are defined by your relationships with heroines and two flags - Day 25 event with Dana (【クロウ】「私は…んぐっ、んっ…」), first choice in Minerva's last event (虚ろなる器).

1. Normal end

2. True end

- Day 25 event: 1st choice

- Minerva's last event: 2nd option in 1st choice

- Anya is prepared (2nd option in "その問いかけに私は嘆息しながら答える。" choice)

- 250k Sutra

- All holy weapons are unsealed (lv 7 events ZA20, ZB20, ZC20)

- good relationship with Dana

3. Harem end

- Same conditions as True end, except Minerva's last event: 1st option in 1st choice

- or Day 25 event: 2nd choice and all relationships are high

4. Minerva end*

- Day 25 event: 2nd choice and Minerva's relationship is high

5. Mideira end*

- Day 25 event: 2nd choice and Mideira's relationship is high

6. Brigitte end*

- Day 25 event: 2nd choice and Brigitte's relationship is high

7. Anya end

8. ???

Notes: *Conditions are not totally correct. All correct conditions may be found by pressing Hint button on Status screen after you finish the game at least once.

Bad endings:Edit

1. Killed by Dana

- did not gather 10k Sutra by day 27 (??maybe only second requirement)

- or bad relationship with Dana

2. Killed by Mideira

- event 封印解除 (ZB19) is not done until turn 10

- or Mideira has 0 Health before event ZB19 is done

3. Killed by Brigitte

- event 獣神淫堕 (ZC19) is not done until turn 20

- or Brigitte has 0 Health before event ZC19 is done

4. Killed by mind controlled princesses

- made it to last boss, but not all conditions are complete:

  • Gain 250k Sutra
  • Unseal all holy weapons
  • Prepare Anya
  • Have good relationship with Dana