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There are two types of items. Items you can buy and items you can use (Consumables). Furthermore items you can buy also have two types - items that allow you to use Consumables (Reagents), and items that give constant passive effect (Accessories). Each Reagent allows you to use one Consumable. Consumables can be used any number of times without a need to buy new Reagent, but it is possible to use each of them only once per day. After using Consumable on character that character can't use another one during the same day (Potion sickness). Items (Reagents and Accessories) are bought by spending Sutra. Consumables are used by spending Crow's Stamina.

Reagent* Cost (Sutra) Rarity Consumable Cost (Energy) Effect
Red fruit 15 1 Potion 25 Restores 50% of max Health
Tongue 25 1 Antipotion 40 Lowers Health by 50% of max
Green soup 40 1 Devil blood 45 Increases max Health by 20
Yellow fruit 50 3 Hypno kiss 100 Increases Degeneration by 15%
Purple bottle 80 2 Corruption elixir 200 Changes state to Pleasure
Dark red bottle 100 2 Hell elixir 275 Doubles gathered Sutra
Red soup 1000 3 Dragon blood 120 Increases max Health by 35
Purple fruit 240 4 Nightmare kiss 110

All parameters increased by 5%

(except max Health)

Blue bottle 500 4 Hades elixir 100 Removes Potion sickness
Pink fruit 2000 5 Ribarette kiss 475

All parameters increased by 25%

(max Health included)

Notes: *Reagent names are not their exact translations, it is based on what it looks like.

Accessory Cost (Sutra) Rarity Effect
Green book 200 2 Gains (1% + 50) Sutra each day
Blue book 600 3 Gains (2% + 100) Sutra each day
Purple book 2000 4 Gains (3% + 150) Sutra each day
Red book 4000 5 Gains (4% + 200) Sutra each day
Brown pot 500 2 Crow's Energy max +250
Blue pot 1500 3 Crow's Energy max +250
Red pot 4500 4 Crow's Energy max +500
Gold challice 4000 5 Doubles Crow's Energy recovery rate
Purple pot 80000 5 Using Consumables does not require Energy

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