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Deus Mode was the extra mode that was added with Patch 1.10, but it's recommeneded to install the latest patch. The patch is available from the official website's download page.


Must view all three endings under any difficulty: Law, Neutral, Chaos


  • The story continues on from the 'Emperor of Ruin' ending where Fried became the Emperor. Hilda is the main character for this mode.
  • There are no new CG's or H-Scenes.
  • The story is extremely short and nothing is voiced.
  • New BGM was added for the first three chapters that cannot be found under the BGM section.
  • This mode can be played under Hard, Abyss and Emperor difficulty.
  • The game consists of 4 chapters and ends in 250 turns.
  • Friendship events does not exist. This is focused strictly on gameplay.
  • Advanced Mode is harder due to additional and harder units will be encountered.
  • Initial Generals that join: Hilda, Morigan, Finegas

Units AvailbilityEdit

The game is designed for the player to play Hard, Abyss, then Emperor difficulty as each difficulty will unlock additional units.

    Hard    VBD Goddess in their uncorrupted form 

VenusBlood Series Protagonist and ラヴィリオンx2

Abyss Venusblood Chimera and Venudblood Protangonist

VBD, VBE Goddesses in their corrupted is selectable (Only playable until you beat them) and additionally エリード、アイディリア

Emperor Emperor Fried

Available once Advanced mode is cleared: Demon Fried, VBE Goddesses 

Generic WalkthroughEdit

  • Chapter 1: The player starts out with one piece of land under the City of Light. The main boss is Irudana. After she is defeated, she joins.
  • Chapter 2: The player will only choose one route to battle one of the other three Goddesses: Maris, Tsukuyomi, Zirnitra. After one of the three are defeated, the other two concedes and will join. 
  • Chapter 3: The player will battle against Arianrode. After she is defeated, she joins.
  • Chapter 4: The player will battle againsts Emperor Fried. After he is defeated, Diadora, Fried, and Nea will join and you fight against Tesla. 


  • Formation of the units is key. This is what this game is entirely about due to the simple system and no items can be equipped
  • When defending, it is critical to defend and not let the enemy take over the territory. The last thing you want happening is have an extremely annoying set of group take over an important piece of land and you have to constantly battle against them.
  • The longer the game progresses, the more HP the units have. 
  • All generic units are simply useless with the exception of Battle ships to some degree.
  • Chapter 3, most of the land are flooded with water, so take that with caution.
  • Chapter 4, under Emperor difficulty, when the enemy attacks, they attack three consecutive times.
  • Advanced Mode is significantly harder than normal, especially under Emperor Difficulty.


Video on recommended group sets. This is a full play, unedited video in Emperor Difficulty, Advanced Mode.

VenusBlood EMPIRE デウスモード (エンペラー, アドバンスモード) 42 ターン-0

VenusBlood EMPIRE デウスモード (エンペラー, アドバンスモード) 42 ターン-0