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There are seven elements in game, each represented by goddess or one of the main characters. Fire (Maris) and Water (Tsukuyomi), Wind (Jirunitora) and Earth (Arianrode), Light (Irudana) and Darkness (Hilda), Neutral (Fried). Although Fried represent Neutral element, he has Fire element alignment and skills. In harem route he becomes Demon man Fried, who is aligned with Dark element.

Each turn has an active moon, that corresponds to one of the elements. Characters aligned with currently active moon element are given 25% to their stats, characters aligned to opposing element are penalized 25%. During the Light moon income from territories is trippled.

Each damaging general's skill has an element associated with it. According to tutorial effect of skill can be increased if goddess representing certain element is trained. So to increase damage that Fried's fire skills do one must train Maris.