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Defense/Recovery skillsEdit

Name English Effect
自己治癒 Regeneration Regenerates own health at the end of each round
全体治癒 Party healing Heals some health of human and godlike units at the end of each round
魔法耐性 Magic resistance Ignores magic damage
防御陣形 Defensive formation Protects other units by redirecting attacks at self*

Notes: *For skill to work defending unit must be closer to the upper front corner of the squad then unit that is being protected.

Anti- skillsEdit

Name English Effect
女性特攻 Anti-female Extra damage against a specified unit types
男性特攻 Anti-male
飛行特攻 Anti-flying
魔獣特攻 Anti-beastman
魔族特攻 Anti-demon
騎兵特攻 Anti-cavalry
不死特攻 Anti-undead
器物特攻 Anti-machinery
水棲特攻 Anti-aqua
聖職特攻 Anti-holy
人間特攻 Anti-human
神族特攻 Anti-godlike

Attack skillsEdit

Name English Effect
城郭崩し Castle destruction Destroys fortifications during attack
毒の瘴気 Poisonous miasma Adds extra damage at the end of round to all ground enemy units (5% of own HP)
魔術攻撃 Magic attack Adds extra damage at the end of round to one enemy unit
大魔方陣 Great magic Adds extra damage at the end of round to all enemy units
遠隔攻撃 Remote attack No counter damage
側面攻撃 Flank attack Ignores enemy's defenders
麻痺攻撃 Paralysis attack Adds a counter to enemy. Enemy with two counters can't attack next round
2回攻撃 Double attack Attacks twice per round

Support skillsEdit

Name English Effect
反撃倍加 Double counter Double counter damage
行動増加 Action increase Adds extra round to battle
兵士運搬 Transport Ignores drowning effect on water battlefields*
空中戦闘 Aerial combat Ignores negative terrain effects
海上適性 Sea aptitude Can participate in water battles even without transport
必殺増加 Increase critical Increases chance to do critical attack by 25%

Notes: *If squad that is fighting on water battlefield does not have at least one unit with Transport skill all units will die at the end of first round

Rare (general's only) skillsEdit

Name English Effect
師団指揮 Squad commander Allows change of active squad during combat
魔香気粉 Magic powder fragrance
魔力廃絶 Magic abolition
凍結連刃 Freezing blade
反撃3倍 Triple counter Triple counter damage
特攻半減 Anti- reduction Halves effect of Anti- skills
魔族医療 Demon healing Restores some health of demons units at the end of each round
世界樹護 World tree protection All turn end damage cut by 70%
3回攻撃 Tripple attack Attacks three times per round