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Towns & CitiesEdit

City types and developingEdit

Each section on map contain several cities and towns to conquer or develop. The more towns the enemy has, the more often it attacks you. Time of attack can be measured by checking upper line on floating window on main screen. When line is full, next turn enemy will attack you. Enemy attacks you by using one of the forces stationed in his towns, so if you defend successfuly and hurt that force, it will be easier to attack that town. Each turn enemy forces recover some hp.

Towns & Cities have several types, that show how good it is in raising some global stats.

Type English Resources
辺境都市 Frontier city 420001
農業都市 Agricultural city 120202
商業都市 Commercial city 213100
工業都市 Industrial city 201301
鉱山都市 Mining town 201301
宗教都市 Religious city 211030
神学都市 Theology city 211030
要塞都市 Fortress city 211230
学術都市 Science city 200113
軍事都市 Military town 120202
魔術都市 Magic city 312102
魔族都市 Demon beings city 312102
侵攻拠点 Invasion base 111102
平原の都 Capital of plains 442230
技術の都 Capital of technology 423402
賢者の都 Capital of magi 403224
水の皇都 Imperial capital of water 434022
秩序の都 Capital of order 433240
黒の帝都 Dark imperial capital 423304

Each city has maximum level of 45, except capitals that can be raised to 60. Each turn city give some experience to global stats. Cities that are better in certain areas give more experience in those areas. Also each city has a bar that is raised each turn, when it reaches the end that city gives a hude boost to global stats experience at once. City levels can be raised by spending money on them. This also raises city's progress bar, but can only be done three times per turn. It is recommended to spend money on cities that have almost filled progress bar, that way you gain a lot of benefits right on next turn.


アルテミシア (Artemishia)Edit

Country ruled by the goddess of Earth アリアンロッド (Arianroddo). The first country on your way of conquest. In the beginning you only have a rather weak town called バントリー (Bantori). So you need to conquer some more towns fast or you risk being left without money. Has rather diverse cities types, that allow you to specialize into any sphere that you want. But because amount of towns is still rather low, it is will be a good decision to progress into neighboring countries. After conquering it you can attack any of three countries Roveria, Yutoranto or Eight state empire.

Name Type Resources
バントリー 侵攻拠点 111102
エニス 商業都市 213100
ディングル 農業都市 330010
クリフデン 宗教都市 211030
チュアム 商業都市 213100
ラウレア 農業都市 330010
アゼンリー 工業都市 201301
シャノン 学術都市 200113
アスローン 平原の都 442230

ローヴェリア (Roveria)Edit

Roveria is technology based country, expect to see a lot of industrial cities and mining towns. If you need to raise Industry stat to gain access to neutral alignment units, you should choose to attack this country when you have a chance. Guarded by goddess of Fire マリス (Maris).

Name Type Resources
アークロー 工業都市 201301
トラリー 商業都市 213100
レタケニー 工業都市 201301
キルケニー 軍事都市 120202
ブラーニー 商業都市 213100
カリがライン 工業都市 201301
セルブリッジ 学術都市 200113
リメリック 技術の都 423402

ユートラント (Yutoranto)Edit

Magic country Yutoranto is protected by Wind goddess ジルニトラ (Jirunitora). There are a lot of Elves, Magicians and Fairies who protect this country. Most cities provide a boost to global Magic stat, that allow you to produce Chaos units.

Name Type Resources
ヨール 魔術都市 211003
トラマア 学術都市 200113
コープ 鉱山都市 201301
ヴァータファード 神学都市 211030
ダンガーバン 農業都市 330010
リストーウェル 神学都市 211030
クロンメル 魔術都市 211003
ウェクスファード 賢者の都 403224

八州皇国 (Eight state empire)Edit

Empire that is based on several islands and ruled by Water goddess ツクヨミ (Tsukuyomi). Protected mostly by samurai. Some battles are sea battles, so any squad that does not have a unit with skill 兵士運搬 (Soldier Transport) at the end of the turn will die and lose battle. So it could be a good tactic to aim at enemy unit that have this skill, if you don't want to kill all his units, and don't forget to bring one of such units with your squad: 船団 (ship), ゴーストシップ(ghost ship), シーサーペント (sea serpent), 飛空船団(flying ship).

Name Type Resources
ハカオウ 農業都市 330010
サンテイ 魔術都市 211003
トウリン 農業都市 330010
セリュウ 神学都市 211030
スザ 商業都市 213100
ゲント 商業都市 213100
ビャクレイ 鉱山都市 201301
コウゴ 水の皇都 434022

ハルベルズ (Harberuzu)Edit

Country ruled by the strongest of the good goddesses - Light goddess イルダーナ (Irudana). Capital is surrounded by four fortresses, so expect heavy resistance if (or when) you decide to attack this country. It can be attacked after conquering 3 other countries on this continent, or can be left till you conquer all 4.

Name Type Resources
ラーン 要塞都市 211230
ドナガディー 要塞都市 211230
バリミーナ 要塞都市 211230
コールレーン 要塞都市 211230
オーマ 神学都市 211030
ドローエダ 鉱山都市 201301
ナバン 宗教都市 211030
バルブリガン 商業都市 213100
ベルファスト 秩序の都 433240

バルドル帝国 (Baldor Empire)Edit

Empire ruled by Dark goddess モリガン (Morigan). If you ever decide to attack it, be prepared to suffer the wrath of higher ranked magic beasts and demons.

Name Type Resources
スライゴ 辺境都市 420001
バリナ 軍事都市 120202
エニスキリン 魔族都市 312102
ドラハダ 辺境都市 420001
キルラッシュ 魔族都市 312102
ダブリン 軍事都市 120202
クロナキルティ 魔族都市 312102
ドニゴール 黒の帝都 423304